07 November 2012

apabila kucing berkahwin ~

2 cats decide to marry

they got married and have sweet marriage
they got the first baby
and the second birth, they got twin baby

first step for their baby

father work hard for their family needs
but, mom gets to play and has boyfriend 
 their children grow up without a care
 finally.. they become a bad boy

                 one of them become terrorist                
the other one like to stay in night club

                             the small one decided to kill himself

when their dad know his child's
activities.. he got heart attack

                              mom lost her mind and became crazy

 hhihi... dis is my cat story...saje bosan2x...
then bukak google image.. carik gambor yg sesuai
pastu pndai2 la crate story.... wlupun kalo u oll prasan la...
mak kucing..ayah kucing... anak2 kucing tu
x sama muke start dr awl story smpai la habes..hehe
trang tang2 tipu.. colour pun lain kan....
hihi..just for fun je....
enjoy my story !!!!!!!

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